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Speeding...What a cool thing it is!

Mar 7, 2003 — Looks like it is even possible to [link http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/internet/03/07/speed.record/index.html]speed on the internet[/link].

Technology is about the coolest thing to drool over - at least if you're impressed with data transfer rates, packets received/sent, etc. and all other things geek!

Bless the day we all have multi-terrabit wireless connections!

Aesopian says:

I can't wait for the 3 gig cookie files.

Dylan says:

The funny thing is that once we have multi-terrabit wireless connections, we're going to be demanding the multi-exabit connections and complaining that it takes like a whole 15 minutes to download the library of congress to our PDA. How slow!

Doofman says:

Incidentally, what purpose would downloading the Library of Congress all at once serve for anyone? I always wondered about that. Like people are sitting around saying "I need every book ever written RIGHT NOW."

rnewhouse says:

You never know. I actually know of a real instance where someone... when being asked for authority to install internet access among a fairly large group of computer users... "Gee, I dunno. Can you print me out a list of all the sites they might be able to access?"

Wirehead says:

I'd just print a list that said, "http://www.aol.com".

"Yep, that's it. I checked."

Stupidity is its own reward.

Aesopian says:

I need every book ever written RIGHT NOW.

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