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Apr 24, 2003 — Does [link http://www.corrie.info]this[/link] look familiar to anyone?


Aesopian says:

Hey, that looks exactly like my site!

lidge_34 says:

Her husband John, eh? I liked how she copyrighted it and everything.

Did anyone else notice that there has not been one reply to any of her posts? Maybe because every post is a book in itself.

Aesopian says:

Or maybe it's because they don't have a mail server to send the activation emails (thus the error on signup-process.asp), and she doesn't know how to go to the admin page and hand-accept the pending users.

Aesopian says:

Also, lidge_34, before we take offense:

[link http://coolgui.com/links.asp]http://coolgui.com/links.asp[/link] yeilds this:

[quote][link http://www.corrie.info/]Corrine Lafitte[/link] - My lovely wife.[/quote]
Also, compare [link http://www.corrie.info/downloads/photos/mostlycorrie/DSCF0837.jpg]this picture from her downloads section[/link] to [link http://www.mboffin.com/profile.asp?id=18]this profile for CoolGui[/link].

Also notice that CoolGui.com is in her popular links, and her email address is corrie@coolgui.com.

And if you go to my site, I have the copyright in my name. I thought that was standard proceedure seeing as the content of the site was now mine, though the design was originally Dylan's.

Just sayin'...

Dylan says:

First off, nobody should be taking offense. I made my site open source specifically so that people could take it and use it as their own. They of course should copyright the content as their own - I certainly didn't write it. I take it as a compliment that someone wants to use this design. I really do.

Second, she should definitely be proud and thankful to her husband for getting the site up and running! And I do mean that. The instructions I gave are not perfect and there many things that can go wrong.

Third, the fact that there are no comments means nothing. I'd say a very, very large majority of blogs are set up without the ability to add comments. It doesn't matter if you have a thousand signed up users or none. Even if you have [i]one[/i] reader, be proud of that and keep writing.

Finally, I don't want this to sound like I'm chewing any of you out. I can't even say how great a feeling it is to have such an awesome community here on this site. You guys (and gals!) really do make this site a great place to visit. I just want to make sure that you do understand that if someone takes the source and creates their own site that looks like this one, it shouldn't be taken as an offense to this site. If anything, you should be proud of the fact that you guys have created something that others want to emulate. I guarantee that people wouldn't come to this site if it weren't for all of you making it what it is.

Aesopian says:

I've already emailed her to let her know how to activate Pending members, since the email doesn't send from lack of mail software.

I also offered my assistance if she or John had any simpler questions about the site, since I might be able to help them out if they don't want to bug MBoffin.

Regarding lack of comments, this site, from what I can tell and remember, didn't have the ability to add comments until this ninth version we're on right now.

lidge_34 says:

My bad...I thought the copyright was on the code. Sorry.

CoolGui says:

Hey! It's me, the scum in question who pilfered MBoffin's hard work! :D No seriously... I'm willing to give credit where it's due, and I'd even be very happy to put a "powered by Mboffin"... Or anything like that. The copyright is for the content, not the code, I've left the license in the source code. I also read throughly to make sure that changing the copyright on the rendered pages was okay. I would have posted in the forums here that about using it, so everyone could happily pay it a visit, but I didn't find my password until today. :D

Since I [b]have[/b] found it now though, go visit [link http://www.computers-undernet.org]www.computers-undernet.org[/link], another mboffin powered site for #Computers on the undernet! :D

Thanks again, Dylan.

[edit]Edited by CoolGui: Apr. 24, 2003 - 11:02:40 PM[/edit]

Dylia says:

And I am sure it can't hurt having as many people working on making one type of site better. I know Aesopian has made some great changes at [link http://matt.smartcertify.com]his site[/link].

lidge_34 says:

Yeah, but if I have to look at that picture in his webcam one more time...

Aesopian says:

I changed it now. Happy now?

Jackson says:


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