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Pentagon Cover-Up of 9/11???

Sep 1, 2004 — I'm no conspiracy theorist by any stretch. In a recent forum conversation that I was part of, someone introduced this website (see link below) as POTENTIAL information indicative of a cover-up by the federal government as to what really happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon.

Pentagon Cover-up???

Just curious to see what others might think about this. This is in no way conclusive of what really happened either - but it presented some information that did raise an eyebrow.


DataBind() says:

I saw this one before. Very interesting.

You have to admit, whatever the implications, that there is something fishy about 9/11.

How many of you have seen Fahrenheit 9/11? I know that Micheal Moore is an idiot, but if you haven't seen this movie I don't want to hear you critque it. Despite Moore's obvious politcal agenda, there was some interesting data there, too....

DataBind() says:

My only question is that if a missile hit the pentagon, then what happened to the plane they say hit it?

Lisboa says:

I went and did a little digging on the whole Pentagon attack, and actually found this very cool article at Purdue university which pertains to the virtual re-enactment of the attack. It comes complete with full video rendering of the attack, and white paper on the application of real-world physics when rendering this scenario.

It justifies the truth behind a 757 actaully hitting the Pentagon. It also accounts for the lack of large remains.

Purdue University Article

PDF on Work

Video of Rendering (approx 47 megs)

Interesting stuff...


DataBind() says:

I wonder if there is a grassy knoll near the pentagon....

DataBind() says:

DataBind() says:

arg, airplane, even.

Wirehead says:

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