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Computers are so handy....

Jan 8, 2003 — That is of course, until they create errors - much like this [link http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Midwest/01/08/offbeat.computer.error.ap/index.html]one[/link].

What's your personal favorite computer error that you've experienced or heard of?

DataBind() says:

"Your mouse icon has moved. Windows must restart before changes can be saved."

rnewhouse says:

Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue.

(I really got this error once!)

Dylan says:

The thing I find funny is how my CD-burner drivers come... on a CD. Duh. C'mon, folks, let's think these through before shipping.

Aesopian says:

This is just a sign of things to come from Skynet. The computer don't yet have robotic bodies that can physically kill us, so their doing it virtually.

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