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Death to Millweed?

Jan 8, 2003 — OK, I know most of you visit either [link htp://www.millweed.com]Millweed[/link] or [link http://www.penandthink.com]PenandThink[/link], so I'm looking to see what the rumor mill saying...

Are these sites dead? I haven't been able to access either site from home or work for over a week now - meanwhile the rest of my non-content sites continue to inundate me with pointless drivel.

What's the word?

jpwain says:

Well, see... The server both sites were hosted on sorta just conked out one day (dead HD or something).

Considering how long we'd been running our No Content policy, we decided to switch to a No Site policy instead, which turns out to be a lot easier to maintain.

No word on if they'll be back up any time soon.

Aesopian says:

Don't worry. If you want the Premium No Content Solution, go to the site I'm designing:

[link http://matt.smartcertify.com/]King of No Content[/link]

It's not even up to the point of having mindless drivel. It's just some random things I've been trying out as I teach myself ASP, CSS and brush up on my HTML.

It's worth about a 20 second visit, and you can get though most of it in that time.

I'm still working on it (and do so through out the day), so tables with appear and disappear, border are visible and then gone, and links and style sheets will seemingly randomly break. Just thought I'd give you fair warning.

Please post your opinions of it so far. Right now I'm just trying out different ways of putting content around my artsy backgrounds.

There might be content later when pumpkinqueen and I do our photographic stufy of modern clothing thrends. But more on that later.

[edit]Edited by Aesopian: Jan. 9, 2003 - 9:15:59 AM[/edit]

Lisboa says:


If the only excuse for not resurrecting Millweed or PenandThink is a dead HD, you've really got to get it back online, fool!

Crap, I'm bout 1/100th the computer tech you and Dylan are, and I of all people can replace a busted hard drive.

Bring Millweed and penandthink back...

I'll have to ponder Aesopian's offer to visit his no content site.


lyrical warfare says:

I'll tell you what happened.

My girlfriend decided to do a bit of cleaning and tried moving Millweed without turning it off. At this point it becomes important to realize Millweed was a lone motherboard sitting atop a shelf, with a network adapter sticking out of it, and 2 hard drives stacked on top of each other. I'll point out that I've had Millweed running for 3 years in this fashion with nary a problem (well, there was that one time I left my window open and the server got rained on... but even that didn't seem to harm it).

Anyhow, she moves the server piece by piece, ON, so as to perform some dusting or some such thing. She bumps the more important of the 2 hard drives, at which time the drive begins making what she describes as "sad cat noises".

Any recovery attempts have proven unsuccessful. There you have it.

Aesopian says:

While reading the description of the server strewn around, I got to thinking about an analogy between a man and your machine.
What if there were a man that operated like that? The best part was the mental image of a guy, sitting at his desk, with his brain and lungs on a shelf next to him, but still connected with nerves and tubes, but everything was working fine.

Until someone dusts the shelf.

The logo for my site is a sad cat, which must be some symbolic of something since your sites died with "sad cat noises."

Oh, and I am pretty strict on this No Content thing. The best feature of my site are 5 consecutive pages that are only small black and white background images as part of black or white backgrounds. It's called [link http://matt.smartcertify.com/bwg/bwg01.htm]bwg[/link]. I think it's cool, but I'm King of No Content, so whadda I know.

Lisboa says:

I don't know about...I think the no site has an edge over the No Content reign you supposedly cling to..

No site ultimately admits no content...thus earning the crown of No Content King....

Ponder this....

Aesopian says:

Check out my latest creation. It's called [link http://matt.smartcertify.com/_.htm]_[/link]

And even if that doesn't win me back the No Content Crown, it puts me in the Court of Caste No Content as the Jester.

Dylan says:

Well, Millweed went beyond even the No-Content policy by resurrecting [i]old[/i] content.

vampirical says:

I am attempting to design a site that would actually suck up content and destore it, it would be called Anti-Content the anit-matter of content. I am slightly afraid though, what if my site came in contact with a large chunk of content, the explosion would be devistating!

jpwain says:

[quote]I am attempting to design a site that would actually suck up content and destroy it[/quote]

Hhahahaa! Best post in weeks! Congrats, sir.

Aesopian says:

Aesopian says: King of No Content

WebMonkey says: Content is king.

So if content = king then I'm Content of No Content?

That's a bit contradictory.

Aesopian says:

I'd just like to point out that millweed is at the top of the Popular Links list thanks to his adoption of the No Site Policy, which includes and expands upon the No Content Policy.

I should suggest this to my company. The best advertising appears to be offering nothing.

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